Establish a career in health

Get a FINANCIALLY REWARDING career helping people create a healthy home for their families

Become an ACES certified Electromagnetic Field Testing Technician

12 weeks self-directed online + 3 days live online + 2 days field trip

why study to become a electromagnetic field testing technician?

• Get an understanding of the adverse health effects arising from exposure to wireless technology, 5G and telecommunications - learn who's at risk of harm from exposure to EMFs

• Gain the skills to have your own practice, work flexible hours and determine your income

• Create opportunities with a new career path in the health industry

• Have a passion for what you do and help clients reclaim their health and life.

The course has opened me up to the vast negative effects electromagnetic fields has on our health. I've learnt ways to lessen my exposure and hope to share this knowledge with the community ”

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